Saturday, 25 October 2008


Karma for short (it is easier for humans to say I understand).

I was a black/tan Japanese Shiba Inu. Born in Aberystwyth, Wales, on 2 October 1994 I surprised everyone by being born while my litter-mom, Skiandu Lady Hawke, was in a Romany caravan stopped at traffic lights!! Even the police assisted at my birth. This must tell you just how special a guy I am. I was registered with the Kennel Club (registration number u4952402) and my dad is Ch. Skiandu Simply the Best who won the Best of Breed at Crufts in 2002. In November 1994 I was sold to be a show dog and was doing well until my humans split up in 1995 and gave me to rescue. Fortunately, my breeder, Ros Reynolds, found out so I went back to her. She found me a new home but when my new mom died I couldn't stay with her family so I ended up in rescue yet again (this time I was "fixed", thus ending my show career). Ros came and got me once again and found for me what she thought would be my forever home in 1997 in Essex. Here the K9 trainer father-in-law decided I was naughty, not realising that I was a highly stressed out smart Shiba, and that I needed to be taught obedience. During this time I permanently wore a heavy leather collar and was only ever walked on a big metal choke chain - not really Shiba style - and instead of becoming "bomb proof" like his GSDs I developed a total fear of whistles, two-way radios, people (even children) shouting, bangs and the sound of chains. I stayed at that place until 1 February 1999 when I mistook a mat on the floor while my humans were out for something comfy for me instead of something for their squawling new human so they took me to the RSPCA even though I had spent 1998 helping my dad recover from cancer - just makes you realise some folks really don't deserve a Shiba. Fortunately, Ros and the Shiba UK team found out about my being put into rescue, unwound the rescue and after a long car ride on 2 February 1999 I arrived in Beckenham where I have lived ever since!  By the time I ended my days in your reality I rarely thought about what had gone before - only if someone or some noise/experience triggers a memory really. My life was Shiba bliss - I was totally in charge of my human and figured out a fine balance of cooperation so I got my own way nearly all the time (my human is quite reasonable and she knew I appreciated this!).

I kept a diary of the early days - good therapy they say - so please go to the Diary post to read it!

Mom has also taken pics of me from time to time so please view my Picture Gallery posts to see these.

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